Barb arms

Barb arms

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Barb arms are extension brackets that are used on North American chain link fence systems. Essentially, they replace the eye tops and dome caps on fence posts, allowing you to build the fence as you usually would but also giving you an extension arm with pre-slotted holes that you can use to install barbed wire above your fence.

Most barb arms are made out of pressed steel, but there are also some barb arms that are made from cast metal (usually barb arms for terminal posts.) They are usually galvanized, and although it's not common for barb arms to be color coated, it is possible to have this done if you are installing a color-coated chain link or mesh fence.

You can use our chain link fence calculator to calculate the chain link fence materials you need for your project. If you are using barb arms on your fence, substitute dome caps and line post tops for barm arms.

Barb arms come in several configurations, including straight extensions, single overhang and double overhang.

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