Panel clamps / dog kennel clamps

Panel clamps / dog kennel clamps

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Panel clamps, also known as dog kennel clamps are a simple way to attach two chain link fence panels together.

These galvanized panel clamps look like a figure eight split in half, with a hole for a bolt in the center of each half. They're designed to fit around chain link or other round mesh panel frames, and they are quick and easy to install.

Panel clamps are usually made for 1 3/8" panel frames, but there are also larger sizes if you want to build a tougher dog kennel or dog run. They're usually hot dip galvanized, so they are corrosion resistant too.

You will need at least two panel clamps at each panel joint, but it's a good idea to buy a few more in case you ever want to expand your chain link dog run, or you misplace one or two of your dog run clamps.

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