What Are Flat Wrap Razor Coils, and How Are They Used?

What Are Flat Wrap Razor Coils, and How Are They Used?

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Razor wire is one of the top choices for adding security to fences – whether they are new or existing.

However, while most people are familiar with BTC coils, also known as Barbed Tape Concertina coils or even just concertina coils, they’re not the only options you have. Let’s take a closer look at what flat wrap razor coils are, how they are used, and the pros and cons of this type of razor coil.

What Are Flat Wrap Razor Coils?

Most people are familiar with the three-dimensional razor coils that are commonly used on vee overhangs. When they are extended, they form a coil that looks like a tube.

Flat wrap razor coils, on the other hand, are only coiled in two dimensions. In other words, when they are unrolled, they are flat, as the name suggests. To make them, unclipped razor wire is coiled and clipped where each adjacent coil intersects so that they can be installed as one unit.

What Is Flat Wrap Razor wire Made From?

As with most types of fence, the most common type of flat wrap razor coils are galvanised mild steel. However, they are available in other materials and finishes.

You might find flat wrap razor coils in stainless steel in both grades 304 and 316, and there are some suppliers who can offer a colour-coated flat wrap razor coil product.

How Are Flat Wrap Razor Coils Used?

Flat wrap razor coils are actually a very versatile security fencing material that can be used in several different ways, including:

  • Tied to the barbed or smooth wire on a straight extension or overhang to provide additional fence top security
  • Tied directly to the body of a mesh or panel fence to discourage climbing – you could install one or two rows near the top or overlap several rows of flat wrap all the way up the fence
  • Buried in a trench below the fence as underground security

Like most kinds of razor wire, however, there are laws and regulations about how you can use flat wrap razor wire, so you should always check local regulations before you start designing your fence system!

What Diameters Do Flat Wrap Razor Coils Come In?

Like most razor coils, flat wrap razor coils come in various diameters. These are usually 500mm or about 20 inches, 700 mm or about 28 inches, and 900mm or about 36 inches. These dimensions are from the outside edge of the coil to the opposite outside edge, which means that each coil will cover that amount of height on your fence or extension.

How Much Flat Wrap Razor Wire Is On a Coil?

Like other razor coils, flat wrap razor coils are designed to be stretched to a specific maximum width. In this case, it’s 15 meters or about 50 feet.

Are Flat Wrap Razor Coils Difficult to Install?

Flat wrap is actually a little easier to install than BTC coils because you don’t have to work through the coil to tie both sides. This makes the process of tying them onto a fence a little easier.

However, like any other razor wire, flat wrap coils are designed to cut, so you still need to use gloves, take extra care and store and dispose of any leftover coils properly. They can be very dangerous when not handled correctly!

Where to Buy Flat Wrap Razor Coils

Sourcing flat wrap razor coils could be very easy if you live in a place where they are commonly used, or it could be trickier if you’re in a country or area where they are not as easy to find.

Start your search with razor wire manufacturers and distributors, and if you can’t find anything local, expand your search to razor wire manufacturers in other countries. Make sure you know what specification you’re looking for, and be sure to check that what you’re quoted matches that specification correctly.

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