How to Choose the Right Chain Link Fence Hinges

How to Choose the Right Chain Link Fence Hinges

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Most fences include gates of some kind, and that’s true for chain-link fences, too. Gates mean you will need gate hardware, though, and that adds a little more complexity to choosing the right chain link fence parts for your project.

One of the most important parts of your gate is going to be the hinges, so let’s take a closer look at how to choose the right chain link fence hinges.

Different Types of Chain Link Fence Hinges by Project Type


The first thing you need to know about chain link fence hinges is that they’re usually categorized by the type of project they are going to be used for.

So, if you spoke to a chain link fence company in your city or town and asked for a chain link gate, they will probably ask you if you want a residential chain link gate, a commercial chain link gate, or an industrial or high-security chain link gate. You can see some examples of residential and commercial chain link gate hinges on the right.

That’s because those different categories of chain link fences and gates typically use slightly different hardware in general, and it will help the company narrow down your options. So, always start your search for the right chain link fence hinges with the type of chain link fence project you’re doing.

Chain Link Gate Hinge Finishes

The next item on your list of things to think about when you’re choosing hinges for a chain link gate is the color or finish of the item. Most chain link gate hinges are galvanized steel, but you can (and should) get color-coated versions if you are going to be installing a color-coated fence and gate.

Be aware that when you buy color-coated fence material, different manufacturers might use different powder coaters and color codes, so the color of your fence and gate hardware might differ. It’s always a good idea to try and buy all your color-coated fence materials from the same suppliers for this reason.

Gate Frame and Post Size and Chain Link Gate Hinges

The next thing you will need to do when selecting chain link gate hinges for your project is to determine the diameter of your gate posts and gate frame. These sizes are important when selecting chain link gate hinges because you usually need to get the right size for the components of your chain link fence gates.

Diameter is the measurement taken straight across a round fence post or component, usually from the outside of your fence post or gate frame to the other outside edge.

You can use a tool like a vernier caliper to measure this, or you can calculate the diameter of your gate post and gate frame from the circumference of the pipe or tubing by measuring around the component. Once you have that measurement, you can divide it by Pi or 3.14 to calculate the diameter of the tubing or pipe.

In North America, most chain link gate hinges are bolt-on components, so having the right size or diameter for your gate posts and gate frame is critical to getting the right gate hardware.

How Gate Weight Affects Chain Link Fence Hinges

The next big thing you want to consider when choosing chain link gate hinges is the weight of the gate. This will change based on the size of the gate, the materials used to manufacture it, the type of chain link mesh used on the gate, and other factors.

The heavier your chain link gate is, the bigger and more robust you will need your hinges to be since they will be carrying all that weight.

If you have a very large or heavy chain link gate, you might even consider going from the usual two gate hinge sets per gate leaf to three or even four sets per gate leaf.

Specific Chain Link Gate Hinge Functional Requirements


Sometimes, when you’re choosing hinges for a chain link gate, you have a specific requirement, like you need self-closing hinges like the ones pictured alongside.

It’s always important to know what your specific functional requirements are when you are choosing any kind of gate hardware, whether you’re looking for pool fence hinges, self-closing hinges, or something else. Make sure you define the use of the gate before you start looking so you can mention all those things to the chain link fence supplier or contractor you talk to.


Chain Link Gate Hinge Security

When it comes to security and chain link fences and gates, the weakest part of any fence system is usually the hardware and, more specifically, the bolts that hold that hardware together.

In many cases, the hardware will use ordinary hexagonal bolts and nuts, which are relatively easy to remove with a wrench, so you want to pay close attention to that if you need higher security chain link gate hinges.

Ask about using something like a shear-off nut or breakaway nut or whether your hardware can be tack welded after it is installed.

This might not always be possible because one of the reasons we use bolt-on hardware in North America is so we can adjust when needed. If this is the case for your gate, a welded anti-tamper plate on the gate posts might solve your security problem, so be sure to discuss options with your chain link fence company.

Chain Link Gate Hinges Based on How and Where Gates Are Hung


The final thing we need to discuss when it comes to choosing chain link gate hardware is that chain link gate hinges will differ based on how and where your chain link gates will be hung.

For instance, if you are hanging a chain link fence gate on a square post for another kind of fencing, you might need to switch the gate post hinge for a square version while keeping the round gate frame hinge portion of the hinge assembly.

If you are hanging a chain link gate on a wood fence post or a wall, you might choose a flat back hinge that bolts directly to that surface rather than installing another chain link gate post next to it.

Speak to Your Chain Link Fence Supplier or Installer

As you can see, there are many things you need to consider when choosing chain link gate hinges for your fence project, and it’s always a good idea to speak to a professional when making these kinds of choices.

Getting the right chain link fence hinges and hardware will ensure you get a fence and gates that will last longer, work better, and be more secure, so take your time and get all the information before choosing.

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