Why Are Chain Link Gate Hinges Sold in Two Parts?

Why Are Chain Link Gate Hinges Sold in Two Parts?

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If you’re shopping for chain link gates or chain link gate hardware in North America, you’ve probably noticed that they’re often sold in two parts.

While this might seem strange if you’re not in the fence business, there are actually a few good reasons why chain link gate hinges are sold in two parts.

Usually Bolt On Hinges

The first thing you need to know is that hinges are not always sold in two parts. Many types of hinges, like bullet hinges and other weld-on hinges are sold as a set. Hinges that are bolted through gate posts are also usually sold as a single unit.

It’s usually when the chain link gate hinges you need are the bolt-on type favored in North America that you will find that they are sold separately.

Allows Different Frame and Post Sizes

Most of the time, you will notice that when chain link gate hinges are sold separately, they are sold as gate frame hinges and gate post hinges.

The first reason for this is that it allows nearly endless combinations of gate frame sizes and gate post sizes.

Gate frames aren’t always made out of the same type of tubing. Usually, residential chain link gates have thinner, lighter-weight frames than commercial or industrial gates. Gate post sizes also vary enormously, from as small as 1 ⅞” for some residential gates to 4 ½” or even 6 ⅝” for heavy industrial gates.

Having two parts to the gate hinge assembly allows you to purchase the right size for your gate frame and your gate frame.

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Allows for Gates Hung On Different Fence Types

Another big reason why chain link gate hinges in North America are usually sold separately is that often, chain link gates are hung on different fence types.

Different types of gate posts – like wood posts – require different types of gate post hinge components. Selling these separately from the gate frame hinge allows customers to buy the different parts they need to build the right gate hinge assembly.

Endless Combinations

As annoying as it must be to arrive home from the hardware store with your gate frame or gate post hinge, only to find that you need another part to hang your gate, the system of selling chain link gate hinges in two parts really does make more sense.

It allows for an almost endless variety of combinations, which means you can find the right gate hinge assembly for nearly every chain link gate you can imagine.

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