How to Hang a Wooden Gate on a Metal Post

How to Hang a Wooden Gate on a Metal Post

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Many people like the look of wooden gates, and they love the privacy they offer over other types of gates like chain link. However, you might already have a metal post alongside your gate opening, or you might be intending to install your wood fence on steel posts.

If you’re wondering if you can hang a wooden gate on a metal post, the answer is usually yes. Now let’s look at how you can do that.


Using Lag Screws

The first option you have to hang a wooden gate on a metal post is to use a lag screw J bolt hinge. That sounds like a mouthful, but it really just means that there’s a threaded section that can screw directly into wood and then a hinge pin that can work with a female metal hinge.

Since the female part of a standard chain link gate hinge is usually the gate frame hinge, you might struggle to find one that will fit a larger size post. In that case, a custom gate post collar with a welded lug to accommodate the hinge pin might be the better option. Or you could simply weld a lug or tab with a hole on it onto your gate post and then treat the weld with zinc-rich cold galvanizing spray.

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Using Flat Back Hinges

Another option to hang a wooden gate on a metal post might be to use a flat back hinge. These hinges are designed to be screwed onto wooden posts or walls, and they work just as well on a gate stile.

When it comes to the gate post options, both of the suggestions mentioned above will work for this configuration too.

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Gate Frame Hinges

Regardless of which of the above options you choose, you're still going to need a female fitting to use with that pin. The simplest option might be to use gate frame hinges on your post. These bolt on like gate post hinges, but they are the female part of a standard gate hinge configuration.

Typically, these hinges are only available up to 1 7/8" diameter, but if you need a stronger post, you could purchase one with a thicker wall thickness, or even Schedule 40 pipe, which would still have the same OD, but be much stronger.

An alternative to this solution is to weld a lug or tab with a pre-drilled hole onto your steel post.

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Often a Custom Solution

When you are building a fence that doesn't fit the "standard" design options, there might be times when you need to create a custom solution. Very often, there are fittings available, like the ones we have mentioned above, that could be used to create that solution. Or you might decide to try a different solution altogether. Many fence companies also have their own solutions when solving a problem like how to hang a wooden gate on a steel post.

Consider Using a Gate Frame Kit for Your Wooden Gate

If you are planning to hang a wooden gate on a metal gate post, you might want to consider using an adjustable metal gate frame kit to ensure that your gate is as sturdy and rigid as possible.

Make sure that the outside stiles of your gate are also large enough to accommodate the hardware you’ve chosen to use, with enough wood on the side to be strong and sturdy. When in doubt, going a little heavier than you think you need to is never a bad idea.

Why Would You Want to Hang a Wooden Gate on a Steel Post?

We’ve mentioned one scenario where using a steel post for a wooden gate might be a good idea, but there are others.

One reason might be if you have a lot of standing water or live in a very wet climate. Wooden posts don’t usually stand up to being in the water as well as steel posts do. Another might be if you want to automate your gate. It’s easier to tuck electrical wires away inside a steel post than a wooden one!

You might also need to install your gate on a base plated post, and steel posts with welded baseplates are usually sturdier and stronger.

Whatever the reason, though, it’s good to know that there are options if you want to hang a wooden gate on a steel post.

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