Should You Add Turnstiles to Your Perimeter Fence?

Should You Add Turnstiles to Your Perimeter Fence?

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It’s common to see turnstiles in train stations, subways and buildings that need to control access, but they’re also a good addition to a perimeter security fence system.

Let’s take a closer look at what turnstiles are, how they can be part of an integrated perimeter security fence system, and where you should (and shouldn’t) use them.

What Are Turnstiles?

Turnstiles are, as the name suggests, a barrier that turns when people use them to gain access to an area. They usually only allow the flow of people in one direction, which makes them a good choice for entrance areas on various kinds of sites.

What Are Turnstiles Made Of?

Turnstiles are usually made from various types of metal. Some are made of galvanized steel, while others are made from stainless steel or even aluminum, depending on the type of turnstile, where it will be installed and what it will be used for.

What Kind of Turnstiles Are There?

There are many different types of turnstiles, from the waist height, coin or card operated ones you find in subways and transit hubs to full height turnstiles like the ones pictured.

Turnstiles can also be manually operated – where they are pushed by pedestrians in order to turn, or they can be automated in some way.

One of the most common turnstile automation and access control options is to lock the turnstile until a coin or card is used to pay for access. This, again, is common in public transit settings.

Because there are so many types of turnstiles, at very different price points, it’s always best to speak to a turnstile specialist to get a price, based on your site and security requirements.

What Safety Considerations Do You Need to Be Aware Of?

If you plan to install turnstiles, you need to remember that they are nearly always a one-way access system. This means you will also need to have an emergency exit or exits that can allow people to leave the area quickly if they need to.

One solution to maintain security and access control is to use gates with one-way panic hardware opening outwards so that anyone inside the area can exit freely. Still, the gates cannot be used for unauthorized entry.

There are some special types of turnstiles known as HEET or High Entrance / Exit Turnstiles that can operate in both directions. However, as with many advanced technologies, they do come at a bigger cost.

Where Should You Consider Installing Turnstiles?

There are many uses for turnstiles. They can be used at corporate premises, where employees need to use access cards to gain entry.

They are often used at the entrance to attractions like zoos, water parks or other entertainment venues with paid entry. They are also a great choice for pedestrian traffic at security guard manned entrances.

In fact, turnstiles are a great option to add to your perimeter security fence for a great many different types of sites, and if you’re planning a fence where one way entry is required, they might be the solution you need.

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