Review: Prefabricated Gate Corners

Review: Prefabricated Gate Corners

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If' you're looking for a quick and easy way to build a low security mesh gate and you don't want to have to do any welding, then these chain link gate corners are a simple solution. Instead of requiring welding at each corner, they are simply bolted in place on pre cut tubing, which you can then cover and hang on posts of your choice. Let's take a closer look at why we think these prefabricated gate corners are a good idea, where they are best used, and everything else you need to know.

Review Summary

Review of: Chain link gate corners Recommended for:  Residential gates
Effectiveness: Value for Money:
Ease of Use:
 5/5  5/5  5/5  3/5
What We Like: What We Don't Like:
  • Ease of use
  • Affordability
  • Eliminates welding requirement
  • Cast aluminum is brittle
  • Not designed for heavier duty gates
  • Low security

These prefabricated gate corners make it easy to construct simple metal gates for residential use. They bolt together easily, and eliminate the need to weld the corners of your gate. Combined with galvanized pipe, mesh and gate hardware, they make building a gate quickly and with basic tools and DIY skills easy. We would not recommend them for heavy gates or anywhere that high security fencing is required.

Why Prefabricated Gate Corners Make Sense

Usually, when you need to buy a mesh gate, you have to have a fence company manufacture it for you. Most of us don't have a fully equipped metal shop (or the skills to use one!) However, getting gates manufactured is costly and time consuming. You could buy one ready made off the shelf from a hardware store, but it's unlikely to fit the space you have available. Most gates and gate openings don't comply with manufacturer's standard sizes!

Prefabricated gate corners allow anyone who has a cut off saw or a grinder to cut pipe to the size they need. Add corners, and you have a gate frame ready to go, and all you need is mesh and a gate hardware kit to complete the project.

Where Prefabricated Gate Corners Make Sense


Since these chain link gate corners are made to fit 1 3/8" tubing, they're not designed to be used on large, heavy or high security gates. They are, however, perfect for manufacturing your own garden gate or any other gate for low security projects around your home. They can also be used in other settings, provided you don't need anything that is designed to be very strong, or that is highly secure.

Then again, if you're using ordinary chain link mesh and light duty tubing, you're not building a high security gate to begin with!

Our Verdict


Provided you understand what prefabricated gate corners like these are designed for, and they suit the size and security requirements for your gate, we think prefabricated gate corners like these are fantastic, and a great way to save time and money building small gates. Definitely worth considering for your next DIY gate project.