7 Top Tips When You’re Searching for Fence Repair Near Me

7 Top Tips When You’re Searching for Fence Repair Near Me

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Life happens. Sometimes, life happens to your fence. Maybe someone backed into your fence. Maybe it’s just getting older, and it needs to be tightened up a little.

Whatever your reason for searching for fence repair near me, we’ve got some great tips for you.

1. Look on Our Fence Directory

We may be biased, but why wouldn’t you want to use a fence directory that allows you to search by location, fence type, and more when you’re searching for fence repair near me? Narrowing your search down a little just makes sense!

2. Look for Fence Companies That Do That Kind of Fence

Many people are surprised to discover that not all fence companies do all kinds of fences, but it’s true.

Some fence companies specialize in high-security fences, others do mainly chain link fences, while some focus on wood fences or composite fences. Different fence companies also do different types of projects, so some do residential, others do commercial, and so on.

3. Start with Smaller Companies

Unless you have a lot of fence repairs to be done, most bigger fence companies probably won’t want to provide a quote, because they probably won’t be competitive going up against smaller companies and solo installers.

If you only have some small fence repairs to do, start your search for fence repair near me on classified sites like Craigslist or call smaller companies in your area. Even if they can’t quote you, they might know of an installer who can help you out.

4. Consider a Maintenance Contract

If you have a site that has a long, important fence, then it might be worth looking into a maintenance contract.

Fence maintenance contracts usually include some monthly inspections and some minor tune-ups, and they often include call-out rates and rates for basic repairs. So you never have to wonder who to call when there’s a hole in your fence, or your gate hinges are out of whack.

5. Contact the Company That Installed It

In some cases, you might need to go back to the company that installed your fence because, in some cases, fence products aren’t interchangeable.

This is especially true for manufactured fence systems like vinyl fences and ornamental fences. Not every company will sell and install the same products from every manufacturer, so they might not be able to match the system you have.

For simpler, easy-to-source fences like wood fences and chain link fences, you can probably contact any company that is willing to give you a quote.

6. Meet Them on Site

When you’re getting a quote on any kind of fence, including fence repairs, it’s always a good idea to meet the company providing the quote on-site to show them exactly what you want done.

This ensures that the company providing the quote understands the full scope of work and that there are fewer surprise costs later on.

7. Allow Enough Time

The last thing you need to know when you’re searching for fence repairs near me is that most good fence companies have fairly full order-books. So, even if you need a fence repair quickly, be prepared to wait a little while for them to get to it. Some fence companies will offer a temporary solution like rental fence panels until they can do a permanent repair, and that’s usually a good short-term solution.

If your fence is protecting something that is potentially dangerous to the public, like a swimming pool, transformer, or something else, you should also consider adding danger tape and warning signs until the fence is repaired.

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