Can You Paint Chain Link Fence?

Can You Paint Chain Link Fence?

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If you’ve got a plain galvanized chain link fence and you’re wondering if you can give it a facelift without replacing it, you might be wondering if you can paint chain link fence.

The good news is that you can paint chain-link fence. The not-so-good news is that it’s not always simple or recommended. Here’s what you need to know.

Why Would you Want to Paint Chain Link Fence?

There are several reasons people might want to paint chain-link fence.

Sometimes, it’s a simple matter of esthetics, where you just prefer your fence to be a different color.

However, sometimes, chain link fences are also painted for security reasons. Galvanized chain link fence can reflect a lot of light, which makes it hard to see through the fence. Painting it in a dark, non-glossy shade makes it easier for security personnel to see through the fence.

This might be required for prisons or military installations, where visibility through the fence is important to ensure the site remains secure.

What Kind of Chain Link Fence Can You Paint?


While you can paint chain link fences, you can’t paint all kinds of chain link fence. Specifically, you can’t paint PVC-coated chain link or powder-coated fence structures.

You will only be able to paint your chain link fence if you have a galvanized fence system.

You also need to ensure that your fence is in good condition. Painting a rusted chain link fence will not extend it’s lifespan.

How to Paint Chain Link Fence

The most common situation where people want to paint a chain link fence is when their fence is already installed. If you are having a new chain link fence installed and you want a color fence, all you need to do is order a powder-coated fence.

Another scenario where you might consider painting a chain link fence is if you want a color that is not available from chain link fence suppliers.

Usually, chain link fence is painted after it has been installed, and it’s usually spray painted to create a smooth finish. However, it’s important to note that this will use a lot more paint, so be sure to factor a large amount of waste into your calculations!

You can also read our guide to painting a galvanized fence to find out more about the type of paint products your fence might require.

Who Can Paint Chain Link Fence?

There are some fence contractors that might be able to paint your chain link fence, but you can also try painting companies in your area.

Depending on the scope and size of the project, it might be a little trickier to find someone to do this kind of painting. If your fence is also being painted outdoors after it is installed, the weather will be a factor in when it can be done and what the finished product will look like.

So, when it comes to the question of whether you can paint a chain link fence, the answer is yes. But it’s not easy, not very cheap, and not always the best solution.

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