How Deep Can a Pond Be Without a Fence?

How Deep Can a Pond Be Without a Fence?

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Whether you’re considering building a koi pond, wondering whether you need to fence your wading pool or something else, if you’re wondering how deep a pond can be without a fence, you’re in the right place.

While we can’t give you site-specific information (because we don’t know where you live!), we can tell you why a fence might be necessary and whom you can ask for more information.

Why Do You Need Fences Around Ponds and Other Shallow Bodies of Water?

You probably know that pool fences are required in many places, but many people do wonder why you need to fence shallow bodies of water.

The truth is that people (in particular children) and animals can drown in as little as a couple of inches of water. Of course, those are usually extraordinary circumstances that involve a fall, head trauma or something else, but that’s not always the case.

Sometimes, tragic accidents can happen even when the person or pet involved is otherwise healthy.

So, if you have children, pets, elderly or disabled family members or anyone else who might be at risk of drowning in shallow water, you might want to consider a fence even if it’s not required.

Legal Liability

If you have a pond, pool or body of water that is accessible to the public, there might be some legal liability related to fencing as well.

Usually, property owners have the legal duty to protect the public from harm on their property. So if you have a pool, pond or water feature that’s accessible to the public (even if it’s on your property) be sure to check what you need to do to secure it and protect yourself from any claims.

What Are the Usual Regulations About Fencing for Ponds?

While you might want to consider a fence around any kind of water feature, pond or pool, most places usually require them if the water is 18 inches or about 450mm at any point. This usually includes most wading pools and some points but might exclude shallower types of ponds.

Where Can You Find Out Whether You Need a Fence or Not?

If you’re not sure about any kind of building and fence regulations, the best place to start your search for information is your local municipal building department.

They will not only be able to tell you if your pond, pool or water feature will need fencing but also if you need to get special permits or submit plans.

When you’re in doubt about any kind of fence, always run it by the officials at the municipality. They’ll be able to give you up-to-date, accurate and correct information, which can save you time, effort and fines later!

What If You Don’t Want to Obscure the View?

Often, when you’re installing a pond, pool or water feature, you’re doing it for the view. Putting up a fence usually means obstructing that view.

However, there might be other options you can consider. Your local municipality might consider a safety net instead of a fence, or you might be able to fence the perimeter of the area rather than right by the fence.

There are also glass and other transparent fence options that you can use to secure your pond or wading pool without obscuring the view.

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