Is Chain Link a Good Pool Fence Choice?

Is Chain Link a Good Pool Fence Choice?

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If you’re looking for affordable pool fence options, you might be wondering if a chain link fence is a good choice.

The truth is, it’s probably not the best pool fence choice you could make. Here’s why and what you should be looking for in a pool fence.

Chain Link Fence Is Relatively Easy to Climb

Probably the number one reason why a chain link fence is not a good choice for pool fencing is that it’s relatively easy to climb.

Standard chain link fence mesh apertures are about 50mm or 2-inch square, which offers ample toe and finger holds.

Good pool fence systems either have predominantly vertical elements that don’t offer a lot of footholds, or they might even use something like Lexan or polycarbonate to give you a fence that is almost completely clear but provides pool safety and wind-blocking options.

Chain Link Fence Is Relatively Easy to Get Through

Even if you plan to install a higher chain link fence around a pool, for instance, in a public park or similar, most ordinary chain link fences are fairly easy to get through.

Removing a few bolts or spiralling out a wire is all it takes to gain access to an area that is fenced with chain link, and especially if it is not constantly visible, that makes your fence vulnerable.

Even if the people who access your pool using these kinds of methods are fine after their swim, you might not notice the holes in the fence, which puts other people, children and animals at risk.

Many places that do have laws about pool fences also have regulations about what kind of fence can be used, and very often, chain link fence is not on that list.

Pool Fence Is Worth the Investment

In most cases, choosing the wrong fence won’t have devastating consequences. You might have a break-in and need to make an insurance claim, but that’s not the end of the world.

However, the whole point of pool fencing is to save lives. It keeps people who can’t or shouldn’t be using the pool unsupervised out of the area and keeps them safe.

If you’re looking for a pool fence, the price should not be the top criterion when making a choice.

Look for a pool fence system that is designed for this type of use and that makes it as hard as possible to get into the pool area. It really is worth the investment!

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