How to Choose the Safest Pool Fence

How to Choose the Safest Pool Fence

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A swimming pool is a great addition to any back yard. However, they can also be dangerous to children and pets. Which is why many people who have one wonder how to choose the safest pool fence.

Read on to find out what you can do to choose a fence that will make your pool as safe as possible.

Make It Hard to Climb

When it comes to pool fencing, you don't want something like chain link fence that is relatively easy to climb, or anything that has horizontal members that can be used as a ladder.

Ideally, you should choose a pool fence that has a top and bottom rail only, and vertical bars or pickets, like an ornamental fence, palisade fence or bar fence. The bars should be close enough together that small pets can't fit through, and small children can't get their head or body parts stuck between the bars.

Other good options are fences that incorporate glass or plexi glass panels or mesh that doesn't have anything to grip. Just make sure that the materials are secure and not easy to break or cut.

Make It High Enough

The next thing you need to do when you're wondering how to choose the safest pool fence is to consider the height of the fence.

A 4' or 1.2m high fence will keep small children and pets out, but might still be accessible to older children and larger pets.

Instead of having to replace your fence when your children get older or you get a large dog, choose a higher pool fence that will get more years of use.

Don't Forget the Space Under the Fence

Another important thing to consider when you're shopping for the safest pool fence is that you need to pay attention to the bottom of the fence too.

If there are large spaces under the fence, you might need to place a large rock or something similar in that space, so that children and pets can't go under the fence. If your pets dig, you might also want to add a concrete or brick sill under the fence, so they can't get under it under their own steam.

Choose See Through Fences

The next thing you need to remember when you're choosing the safest pool fence is that you always want to be able to see your pool. This is not the right place to put a privacy fence.

If a child or pet does fall into the pool, you want to be able to see them immediately, so you can take action quickly.

Get Safe Gates

Finally, when you're shopping for the safest pool fence you can find, make sure you don't forget the gates. You want a gate that has an auto closer, so it will always close on it's own, and preferably a slam lock or magnetic lock, so you can't forget to lock it by accident.

There are also pool gate latches that have a built in alarm, so you will get an audible signal when the gate is opened.

Extra Safety Measures

Even if you have the safest pool fence, there's no such thing as too much pool safety! Consider adding a pool safety net as a backup, and install motion sensor lights so you can see what's happening in and around your pool at night.