How to Paint Fence Panels with Concrete Posts

How to Paint Fence Panels with Concrete Posts

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concrete fence posts are becoming much more popular in many parts of the world. They’re strong and relatively heavy, so they make for a sturdy fence and provided any steel reinforcing wire is well covered, they won’t rust or corrode.

Many concrete fence posts are used with other materials, particularly H or I-beam style concrete fence posts, which often have panels or fence boards slipped into the indentation on the side of each post. However, that does raise the question of how to paint fence panels with concrete posts. Here are a few options.

1. Mask and Protect


The first option you have for how to paint fence panels with concrete posts is to treat them as you would any painting job.

Masking tape or painter’s tape and plastic to cover the concrete posts will protect them from splashes and smears. Professional painters can usually “cut in” without this kind of protection for surfaces you don’t want to paint, but honestly, it’s a bit too tricky for us mere mortals!

2. Remove and Paint

The next option you have when it comes to how to paint fence panels with concrete posts works if you have a type of fence that you can disassemble easily.

If you have fence boards or panels that simply slip into your concrete posts, or if you have brackets with bolts of some kind, you can probably remove the fence panels or fence boards, paint them, allow them to dry and then simply reinstall them.

This is more work, but the benefit is that you can paint the fence boards or panels under cover or inside a garage or workspace, so wind, rain and other outdoor issues won’t cause a problem.

3. Paint it All!


If you don’t want to take the time to mask and protect your concrete fence posts and you can’t or don’t want to remove your fence boards or fence panels to paint them, the other option you have is to find a multi-surface paint that will work on both your concrete fence posts and your fence boards or fence panels.

There are many different kinds of paint on the market that can be used on different materials, or you might be able to use a universal undercoat before you paint your fence posts and boards or panels.



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How to Apply Paint to Fence Boards and Concrete Posts

You already know that there are many paint application methods out there. So, which one should you choose for your concrete fence posts and fence boards or panels?

A lot of that depends on the condition of the material and where you want to paint it.

Spray painting (when done by a skilled person) usually delivers a very good finish that looks professional. However, spray painting outside is not easy, and you’re at the mercy of the weather. If you can do this on a clear day with very little wind, it can work, but you will need to plan carefully!

Paint rollers are another good option for painting concrete fence posts and fence panels or fence boards. They provide a smooth finish and are relatively easy to use. You can also use an extension pole to reach extra tall parts of your fence!

Paint brushes are probably the last choice we’d make to paint a fence, simply because it will take so long, and paint brushes usually use drips!

When In Doubt, Hire a Professional

If you’re considering tackling painting your fence with concrete posts as a DIY project, think carefully and do the actual calculations.

Buying paint retail is a lot more expensive than the paint a professional would be able to get, and often, they have access to better quality products, too. They’ll also be able to recommend the exact product for any kind of fence and material and the perfect process to deliver a great result.

Then there’s equipment. Professional painters and fence stainers will already have all the drop sheets, paint sprayers, brushes, tarps, tape and more to get the job done. You might think you will save a bundle by painting anything yourself, but trust us – the gear costs a fortune!

Guaranteed results. When you DIY anything, the end result is always a little up in the air. It could be great. Or it could be awful. If it’s the latter, you’ll probably end up hiring a professional to fix it anyway. So always be realistic about your skills and motivation before you take something like painting or staining a fence.

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