Concertina Wire Safety: What You Need to Know!

Concertina Wire Safety: What You Need to Know!

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Concertina wire, also known as razor wire, razor coils, and by several other names, is one of the top choices to add security to any fence.

However, while concertina wire is a great security addition and a fantastic deterrent, it’s also quite difficult and dangerous to install. There are several safety tips you need to know about storing, handling, installing, and disposing of razor coils.

Call In the Professionals

There are some fences that you can DIY. Razor coils or concertina wire is not one of them.

Properly handling, stretching, and attaching razor coils to your fence requires skill and practice, and it’s not something you want to try to do if you don’t have those things.

Use Good Quality Leather Gloves


Razor coils or concertina wire are designed to cut. The metal spikes on the coils are known as blades. They do this regardless of whether you’re climbing a fence or installing one.

The first thing any fence installer needs to do when planning to install concertina wire is get a good pair of high-quality leather safety gloves. These are the best choices for protecting your hands from the blades on the concertina wire. Be sure to wear long sleeves, too, but don’t choose anything too baggy.

Use Special Ties or Clips


Another important thing you can do to make installing concertina wire easier is to use ready-made bag ties or rebar ties, or get preformed clips that you can use with special pliers or a pneumatic tool.

Trying to cut and tie ordinary wire when you’re installing concertina wire is a little too much to handle!

Store It Safely

Razor coils aren’t only potentially dangerous when they’re on your fence. They can also be dangerous before they’re ever installed. Razor coils or concertina wire should always be stored securely where it cannot be accidentally accessed by passersby or anyone else working on your construction site.

Dispose of It Properly

The last safety tip we have for handling concertina wire safely is to dispose of it properly.

Razor wire should never be left lying around on any site. People and animals can very easily get caught up in it and be seriously injured.

Ideally, your razor coils should be cut into small pieces and disposed of in metal waste bins before it’s taken to a metal recycler. Don’t dispose of razor coils at the landfill – it can still do serious damage to people and animals there!

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