How Is Barbed Wire Used In Fencing?

How Is Barbed Wire Used In Fencing?

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barbed wire is probably one of the more universally recognizable fencing materials out there. Even if you don’t know much about fencing, you probably know what barbed wire looks like.

Let’s take a closer look at how barbed wire is used in various types of fencing and how you might use it on your own fence for various purposes.

barbed wire Fence

Barbed wire fence
The first, and simplest way that barbed wire is used in fencing is for farm fences. This could be on its own, as a barbed wire fence, or in conjunction with something like a hinge joint or fixed knot fences.

In this application, barbed wire is usually stapled to wooden posts using barbed fencing staples.

It’s an effective method of keeping livestock contained, is quick and reasonably easy to install, and, most importantly, it’s very cost-effective. This means that it’s perfect for fencing large areas of farmland.

Barbed wire On Overhangs and Extensions

Barbed wire extensionAnother way that you could use barbed wire on a fence is on an extension or overhang. This could be done above a chain link fence, but also ornamental fence, palisade fences and other types of medium and even high-security fence systems.

In this application, brackets might be installed, or you might use specially manufactured longer posts with fittings to attach the barbed wire. It’s very important that this type of barbed wire is properly tensioned so it provides an effective security barrier. Loose, sagging barbed wire is a lot easier to get through!

Barbed Wire to Support Razor Coils

Barbed wire and razor coilsSometimes, you need more security on top of your fence, and in that case, many people turn to razor coils.

Razor coils are not rigid, though, and they still need to be attached to something. This is where most people choose well-tensioned barbed wire. Not only does it provide something sturdy to attach your razor wire coils to, but it’s an added deterrent.

Taut Wire Systems

Taut Wire FenceThe final application we’re going to talk about for using barbed wire in fencing is in taut wire systems.

These are electronic (rather than electric) fence systems that use sophisticated hardware to detect vibrations on the taut fence wires. These vibrations then trigger an alarm that alerts a guard house or security office that there’s a problem in a particular fence zone.

It’s important to note that taut wire fences are NOT electric fences and that it’s generally not advised (and sometimes illegal, depending on where you are) to use barbed wire for electric fencing.

Versatile, Durable and Cost Effective

Barbed wire is a very simple product that’s been around for a long time, but it’s still one of the most versatile and durable fence products out there.

Barbed wire is also very cost-effective, both in terms of material cost and the time and cost of installation,

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