What Can Chain Link Mesh Be Made Out Of?

What Can Chain Link Mesh Be Made Out Of?

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You’ve probably seen a lot of chain link fencing in your life. No matter where you are in the world, it’s one of the most common types of fences. Whether you call it chain link fencing or diamond mesh fencing doesn’t matter. What matters is that it’s easy to install, cost-effective and relatively durable.

But have you ever wondered what chain link mesh can be made from? Let’s take a look.

Galvanized wire

By far, the most common material for chain link mesh to be manufactured from is galvanized wire. This is usually available in various diameters, but it’s also available in different galvanizing grades.

Sometimes, this is expressed as a class – such as Class A galvanized mesh – and sometimes, it’s labelled based on how much zinc there is on the wire.

However, your galvanized wire is graded; the higher the grade and the more zinc there is on the wire, the longer it will last and the more corrosion resistant it will be.

PVC Coated Wire

Another popular option for chain link mesh is PVC coated wire. This is galvanized wire that has been coated in a layer of melted PVC in an extruder. As the PVC cools, it leaves a flexible, colorful layer of plastic on the surface of the wire.

PVC coated chain link mesh is available in a variety of sizes and colors, with some of the most popular being green, black, white and brown. It is often more corrosion resistant because the PVC coating gives extra protection to the wire underneath.

When you are shopping for PVC-coated mesh, be sure to look at the core wire diameter. This is the actual diameter of the steel inside the PVC coating. With PVC coating, this kind of chain link often moves up to the next diameter, but it’s not necessarily as strong as a galvanized only wire.


aluminum chain link is not very common, but it does exist.

This is often used in very corrosive environments, like within a few hundred meters of the ocean, where regular galvanized chain link fabric would not last very long.

Making aluminum chain link mesh fabric is more complex because you need to ensure you’re using the right grade and alloy of aluminum, and it usually needs to be woven at a much slower speed than steel wire so that the wire doesn’t snap during the weaving process.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is another option for chain link mesh fabric. Like galvanized steel, it’s strong and relatively lightweight, but it also has superior corrosion resistance.

When you are selecting stainless-steel chain-link mesh for your project, pay attention to the grade. Common grades are 316, 304 and 3CR12, with 316 being the highest quality grade and 3CR12 the lowest.

All Part of Designing the Right Fence

You might be surprised to learn that chain link mesh can be made from materials other than galvanized steel. However, all of the products we have mentioned here have applications for different types of sites, as do most available fence specifications and materials.

If you are specifying a fence for a project, take the time to investigate all your options and build a fence specification that is designed for the challenges each unique site presents. That way, you’ll have a fence with the longest lifespan, which offers the best return on the investment.

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