Can You Build a Wooden Fence Out of Pallets?

Can You Build a Wooden Fence Out of Pallets?

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Pallets are everywhere these days. They’re all over Pinterest DIY boards and your social media feed. They’re being transformed into everything from portable patios to shabby chic planters.

You would certainly not be alone if you were wondering if you could build a wooden fence out of pallets. Here’s what you need to know.

Technically, It’s Possible

The first thing we need to say on the topic of whether you can build a wooden fence out of pallets is that it is technically possible.

However, that does not mean it’s advisable or easy. In fact, there are several reasons why it’s a lot harder to build a fence out of wooden pallets than it is to buy lumber or even premanufactured wood fence panels.

What Makes It Harder to Build a Wooden Fence Out of Pallets

Yes, you can build a wooden fence out of pallets, but it’s going to take a lot more work and have plenty more pitfalls than you might think. Such as:

  • Sourcing large quantities of pallets that are the same size is very difficult, especially if you are looking for very large panels for fence building!
  • If you are looking for free pallets, you can expect them to be broken or damaged – that’s why they’re given away free! Pallets are typically reused for shipping as long as they are in good shape – so they only get dumped when they’re looking a little sad!
  • If you choose to buy pallets (new or second-hand) you can expect to pay more than you think. Pallets are made from surprisingly high-quality wood, and they’re not cheap to buy!
  • Since pallets are designed to be used to ship and store large, heavy loads, they’re built to last. This means that taking them apart to use to build your wooden fence is going to be a much bigger job than you thought. Expect to take a few days at least, and have more tools than you think you will need on hand.

As you can see, anything you (might) save on materials when you build a wood fence out of pallets will probably be more than compensated for in a lot more labor.

Alternatives to Building a Pallet Wood Fence

The simple fact is that building a wooden fence out of pallets is likely going to be a lot harder and more expensive than you think. Fortunately, there are some alternatives.

First and simplest, contact some smaller, newer wood fence companies in your area for quotes. Smaller companies have lower overheads, so they can often charge less than their larger, more established competitors. Of course, you have to be careful when you hire a company that doesn’t have a solid reputation, but if you’re prepared to manage your fence project carefully, that might be okay.

Try to find fence companies that are willing to quote on labor or installation only. Again, this will usually only be smaller, newer companies. This allows you to buy the lumber for your fence project yourself, and that can save you some money too.

Another great option is to look for ready-made wood fence panels that you can self-install. There are even some slip-in metal post systems on the market that make it really easy to install these types of fence panels.

Wood fence is one of the simplest fence types out there, and it’s generally one of the cheapest. Trying to cut costs by using things like abandoned pallets might save you a little money, but it will give you more than its fair share of headaches and hassles. Not recommended unless you are a DIY die-hard!

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