Fork latch

Fork latch

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Fork latches are simple, manual gate latches that are often used on round framed gates, like chain link gates. There are also square fork latches available for ornamental and other types of gates.

Fork latches consist of two main parts - a bolt-on collar that fits on the gate frame, and a fork that is designed to go around the gate post when it's dropped into position. These two parts are usually joined by a rivet or pin that can swivel, which allows you to lift and lower the fork portion of the latch.

Most fork latches also have a hole through both parts that line up when the latch is in the closed position, which allows you to lock the latch using a padlock.

To buy this kind of gate hardware, you will need to know the outside diameter of the gate frame and the gate post.

Fork latches are available in galvanized and color-coated options.

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