Review: FTVogue 4" Spring Loaded Gate Wheel

Review: FTVogue 4" Spring Loaded Gate Wheel

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Sometimes, when you install a gate, particularly a larger, wider one, you need to add a gate wheel to the center of the gate to prevent sagging. However, if your gate opening is not as smooth and even as you'd like it to be, an ordinary gate wheel might not work. The solution is a spring loaded gate wheel like this one from FTVogue. Let's take a closer look.

Review Summary

Review of: FTVogue 4" Spring Loaded Gate Wheel                                       Recommended for:  Residential  and light commercial gates
Effectiveness: Value for Money:
Ease of Use:
 5/5  5/5  5/5  5/5
What We Like: What We Don't Like:
  • Ease of use
  • Simple design
  • Works on most types of gates
  • Not suited to heavier gates
  • Galvanized finish, so you might need to paint it to use on ornamental or color coated gates

This simple to install spring loaded gate wheel is designed to carry up to 220lbs, so it can handle some relatively big gates. While it might not work with the very biggest industrial gates or on very uneven terrain, it gets the job done admirably in most situations. It attaches to your gates very easily, and at under 40 CAD, it's a very affordable solution to prevent sagging gates.

How Do Spring Loaded Gate Wheels Work?

Usually, when you install a gate wheel, it has a fixed shaft that ensures that the wheel is always a specific distance from the gate frame. This works when you have a gate opening that is completely clear and level.

However, as soon as you have rougher ground conditions, dips or slight inclines, a fixed gate wheel doesn't work so well. Either it will stop the gate from opening or closing completely if it's set too far down, or it won't make contact with the ground and help to carry the gate weight. Neither of those works or makes any sense for this application.

Spring loaded gate wheels are exactly that. The gate wheel is attached to a shaft that has an integrated spring, which means there is a little movement (usually a couple of inches) possible on the gate wheel. This means that if you install it correctly, it will clear any raised areas, and still carry the gate on the lower areas.

How Do You Install a Spring Loaded Gate Wheel?


Most spring loaded gate wheels have integrated brackets that you can attach directly to your gate frame using appropriate fasteners. This means you can use them on most kinds of gates, including wood gates, vinyl gates, chain link gates and other kinds of metal gates. You can choose your screws and fasteners based on the gate style, and if you really wanted to make sure it's firmly fixed, you could also tack weld it to a metal gate frame.

Our Verdict


You always want to choose your gate wheels based on the size of gate you have. This FTVogue 4" rubber spring loaded wheel is probably not suited to very heavy, commercial and industrial gates, but it will do the job well on most larger light commercial and residential gates.

So, if you have a gate opening that is not as level as it could be, and a heavier gate that needs a little extra support, we think this product is fantastic, and give it five Fencepedia stars.