Wildlife fence

Wildlife fence

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Wildlife fences are used around the world to keep wild animals in nature conservation areas, out of human settlements, and in many other places.

You will find wildlife fences along major roads winding through grasslands and mountains in many parts of the world, designed to keep wildlife off the road and to protect both the animals themselves and the people who use those roads.

However, while many people use the term wildlife fence as a blanket term for all fences that are designed to keep wild animals and the people near them safer, there's no single wildlife fence out there. That means that you can't simply walk into a store and buy wildlife fencing.

Instead, there are a wide variety of fence products that can be used to build fences that are designed to keep specific types of animals in or out.

Deer fence, for instance, is usually very high - at least 8 feet tall. That's because deer can jump very high!

Bison fence usually uses materials like drill stem, which are very thick-walled steel pipes used to drill for oil, while lion fence usually also has a buried portion because lions are very effective diggers. Many wildlife fences also incorporate electric fences, which is a good deterrent for any animals that are a little too curious.

If you want to build a wildlife fence, you will need to know what kind of wildlife you want to contain first and then find a fence manufacturer and installer who specializes in those types of fences.