What Is PVC?

What Is PVC?

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PVC is a term that you will frequently encounter in the fence world. There is mesh that is PVC coated, PVC gate hardware, and PVC fences. PVC is also used in many other types of construction, from plumbing pipes to window frames and more.

However, unless you’re in the industry (PVC or fencing!), you might still be wondering what is PVC? Here’s what you need to know.

Poly Vinyl Chloride

The acronym PVC stands for Poly Vinyl Chloride. This is one of the most common types of plastic in the world and is used in all kinds of common household items that we use and see every day.

While we might think of plastic as a modern invention, PVC was actually invented in the 1870s by a German chemist named Eugene Baumann. However, it did take a while before PVC and other plastics became such a common material choice.

What Is PVC Used for In Fencing?

PVC is a very versatile material, and it’s used for many different things in the fence world.

wire and mesh manufacturers use it as a coating for their products, adding extra corrosion resistance and improving the appearance of the product.

Vinyl fence manufacturers extrude vinyl to create vinyl panel systems.

PVC is even an ingredient in some composite fence products.

Is PVC Environmentally Friendly?

If you’re wondering if your PVC fence system is environmentally friendly, the answer is it depends.

PVC is recyclable. In fact, depending on the type of PVC product, it can be recycled up to 7 times. However, PVC and other plastics are also some of the biggest pollutants in landfills and oceans.

PVC is also made from fossil fuels, and since the world is moving away from fossil fuel use, there may come a time when these products cannot be manufactured anymore or when reduced demand drives prices of fossil fuel up so much it becomes too expensive to produce them.

Why Do We Use PVC in Industries Like Fencing?

PVC, and most plastics for that matter, tend to stand up very well to the elements. PVC doesn’t rust, and if it is UV stabilized, it won’t fade or become brittle.

This makes PVC a very durable material, which makes it ideal for outdoor applications like fencing.

PVC is also non-conductive, which means it won’t become accidentally electrified, and it can be formed into a huge variety of shapes using a vast array of methods.

Is PVC Fencing Right for You?


If you’re still wondering if PVC fencing is right for you, spend some time listing and ranking your fence requirements. Do you want a fence that is as cheap as possible? Perhaps you need higher security? Do you want privacy, good looks, low maintenance, or something else?

Once you’ve created your list and ranked your ideal fence traits, contact fence companies in your area, and ask them to recommend the products that best meet your needs. PVC fence might well be one of the options, but there might also be fence systems you haven’t considered.

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