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Sloped Fence Line Length Calculator

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One of the more common methods of calculating fence prices and doing material take offs is to measure off a plan. This is particularly common in commercial or larger industrial projects, where you might be quoting long before the site is ready for fencing, and where a site visit to measure the fence lines in person is not possible.

However, this is not always a completely accurate method of measuring your fence. In fact, when your fence is going to be installed on a slope, the actual length of the fence will be greater than the measurement you get off a plan.

This is a practical example of Pythagoras in real life, and the image below explains it quite simply.

Actual fence length calculator

As you can see from this graphic, the greater the rise or gradient of the fence line, the longer the actual fence line will be.

If you still remember Pythagoras from high school math, you can use the formula to calculate the actual length, or you can use the simple calculator below to save time.

If you're installing a fence on a slope, the length on the plan and the actual fence length are not the same. Use this simple calculator to find out the actual fence length for any sloped fence line.

You can use feet or meters for your dimensions, but you must use the same unit throughout. Enter dimensions in numbers only!


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 Fence line length off plan in feet or meters   

 Rise over fence line in feet or meters